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Our mission is to provide the highest quality, patient-centered, cost effective, health care to the patients we serve.

100% Same-day appointments scheduled

88 Net Promoter Score

5 Stars rating for multiple quality measures

92.7% Calls answered in clinics

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20 Clinics Across Central Florida

20 convenient IMA clinic locations staffed with over 80 primary care doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners ready to meet your clients' needs!

On-Site Innovative Services

Experience the one-stop convenience of IMA, supported by cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities.

Personalized Service

Our dedicated Community Outreach and Enrollment Specialists provide personalized guidance and support to ensure your clients receive seamless healthcare experiences.

Dedicated Support Line

Obtain quick answers and efficiently resolve issues with our dedicated Partner Support Line.

Multiple Marketing Sites and Events

Multiple marketing sites and community-based events to reach our targeted audience.

Experienced and Professionally Trained Staff

With a dedication to excellence and ongoing professional development, our capable, trained staff provide excellent service in every interaction.

Patient Satisfaction Surveys for Quality Assurance

Continuously improve patient experience with our rigorous commitment to quality assurance through regular patient satisfaction surveys.

Multiple Ways to Enroll New Members

Reduce enrollment barriers and maximize participation with our accessible and user-friendly enrollment procedures.

VIP Tours for New Members

Go beyond the brochure with our VIP tours, offering a unique opportunity to experience IMA firsthand.

Accepting Most MA Plans

Attract more clients with our wide range of MA plan options, tailored to meet diverse needs.

In-House Advertising Department

Our in-house advertising team creates top-tier marketing materials to elevate our brand presence and reputation, helping to support your success.

Trust Us to Ensure the Best
Healthcare for Your Patients

• In-house labs and diagnostic testing
• Specialized Diabetes Care Team
• Cardiac services
• Multicultural doctors and staff
• Same-day appointments available
• Telehealth visits
• Annual wellness exams
• Health education seminars
• Diabetic eye exams*
• X-Rays and imaging services on site*
• Wellness centers*

IMA doctor with a senior Medicare patient
IMA team of healthcare providers doctors

Meet our Providers

Our primary care physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners at IMA Medical Group are not just healthcare providers; they are compassionate advocates dedicated to serving the unique needs of the senior population.

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Partners Support Line
Call (855) 213-2329

Immediate enrollment assistance, application status checks, and access to information about clinic locations, PCPs, and accepted insurance plans. Additionally, brokers can schedule VIP tours, book first appointments, and collaborate with event coordinators for event setups.

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